Making a difference, through positive team learning.

North East Sport Is A Not For Profit Organisation.

We are a multi award winning group with the community at heart, a true grassroots organisation with local people taking an active role in the delivery and long term stability of our project.

We work with schools, community groups and local people helping to promote positive team learning through sport. Through this work we improve people’s health and wellbeing with a particular emphasis on young people encouraging them to create life-long habits at an early age.

Our model is based on a full lifecycle of learning, as we enter our eighth year some of our founder members have become coaches themselves and are now passing their skills and knowledge onto young people. It is something we are immensely proud of.

Over the past eight years we have helped develop and support over eighty volunteers, with over 90% of volunteers still with us today. We buy into people, people buy into North East Sport. People are proud of the difference we have made.

We have grown over eight years to now having over 400 club members. We provide holiday camps including multi-sports and activities on the beach, which is a new concept which has been very well received. 

We invest in people by training and mentoring people to become active in their communities, we now have over thirty groups led by volunteers throughout Sunderland.

We work with all people no matter what their background, ability or where ever they are in society, we help people. Through this we have built excellent links with the local community.

Although we are real success we have received little support. This is because of the lack of capacity in the organisation. We are trying but it is extremely difficult. At the end of the day we do it for the passion for making a positive difference and leaving a lasting legacy for our communities. Money cannot buy passion.

Our greatest achievement? Well it is the thousands of smiles we see on people’s faces. Young people learning new skills, developing their confidence, better health. Parents, family's being proud communities coming together. Testimonials