7 ideas you can steal from North East Sport

7 ideas you can steal from North East Sport

1. Be passionate! If you do not have the drive and passion to go forward you are never going to succeed. I have this in abundance, maybe sometimes I should not say the things I say but that is the passion.

2. Invest in people, since we were formed in 2009 we have invested in training and mentoring people. In an eight year period we have helped over 80 people improve their skills and confidence. 90% of these people are still with us today, Making A Difference and building stronger communities. Some of our coaches started at the age of 15 and are now 21 years of age, whilst others have gained invaluable skills and knowledge which as helped them into employment.

3. Be fair, respectful and considerate, listen to people’s views and ideas, learn from the community that you serve and try your best to be responsive.

4. Make A Difference! Make every day count do something good everyday. If its walking an old lady across the road or feeding the homeless, whatever you do, do something good.

5. Be positive, no matter what obstacles are put in your way keep positive, yes times can be tough but they can always be worse. Positive Team Learning

6. Do it for the love, when I was made redundant from the construction industry I had the opportunity to start a franchise, however making money was never the driving force of me setting up North East Sport. I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives so I started a not- for-profit organisation. I earned more money when I was sixteen years old than I do now. You are never going to be rich running a community organisation, if its money you are after, do something else!

7. Lindsay

Peter, North East Sport

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