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Beach Camps

Why do I need to pay when children from the North of Sunderland don't?

How areas are funded

Can anybody attend? I am not from the North of Sunderland.

What happens if it rains?

We do our best in the rain, the show goes on.

What do I need to bring? Change of clothes, Sunscreen etc

It is advisable to bring.

What do the children do and is it safe?

Children do all-sorts

Children's safety

How old do children need to be?

Children should be 6+

Where and when Beach Camps meet? What time?

Roker Park Pods 10am

Do you need to fill in any forms in?

Filling forms in not needed

I want to get my child into football.

How to get my child started in football?

We offer football training for children.

Where is the training?

Is it just for boys?

I have booked a session, what do I need to bring?

My child really wants to be in a team.

My child plays for another team but wants to join North East Sport

I have tried a session, how do I sign up?

Sign up today

How much does it cost?

How do I set up payment?

I am looking for a team managers name because I need to contact him

Let us know and we will contact the manager

Football Camps

What do children need to bring?

Children should bring

What age range

Is it outdoor or indoor?

I cannot find what I'm looking for

Contact us today

Contact us today